1 Comment on Fx Continues to Gain Market Share

  1. Whilst it’s nice to see FX gaining market share, I’m sorry that Thunderbird isn’t as popular.

    From my background in the business world, I realise that small changes can produce big results.

    Another fact in the business world is that dominant market leaders CAN be overtaken by smaller startups. This isn’t magic. It often happens through the smaller player doing many small things that add up.

    That’s all by way of background, to say this: if Mozilla would just display the Thunderbird logo, with the words email software, ON ALL PAGES where people can download Firefox, then that small change would translate into a massive boost to Thunderbird’s marketshare.

    Right now, to get to the Thunderbird area, it requires a person — who comes to the site just to get Firefox — to have a level of curiosity to click the “Products” menu.

    I put this suggestion onto the Mozilla forum, but the few readers didn’t seem to analyse my comment from a marketing, strategic viewpoint, hence, the suggestion got sidetracked.

    Seriously, how difficult would it be for Mozilla just to place the Thunderbird logo on the main FF page, with the words “Try Firefox’s email program”, or something like that.

    In marketing, it is where you use the equity in one product to launch the other product. This is something Mozilla is absolutely not doing.

    Could it be that Mozilla’s people are 100% computer techies, who do not think in terms of marketing?

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