Google Chrome

The big news today is the release of Google’s new web browser, Chrome. The big ‘selling point’ for Chrome is it is faster because of the way it handles the tabs. Unlike Firefox, IE, Netscape, Opera, etc. where the browser is one huge process, Chrome allocates a process to each tab. So if there is a problem says JavaScript is hung-up in one of the tabs, only that tab will go down, not the entire browser. However, something doesn’t seem to make sense here. The screen shot below of my task manager was taken with Chrome open with 6 tabs, so then why do I have 8 processes for chrome.exe? Further there is no way to tell what process is associated with which tab unless you look at the order your tabs are opened.

Click for full-sized image

It does appear to load pages bit faster than Firefox and handles YouTube videos well. However, it did seem to get a little choked up when I tried to load My Yahoo! Home Page.

There are some weird things about Chrome. For instance, by default the ‘Home’ button is not displayed. But then again, I got to thinking how often do I use the ‘Home’ button in Firefox? Close to never. I always have my home page opened in one of the many tabs I have open. But still, why hide the button by default? Further I find it humorous that my default search engine is Yahoo! (this is after all a Google product). Also for whatever reason, I can not get to my Windows Taskbar (auto-hide) when Chrome is open. Lastly, there is no status bar, or even an option (at least that I could see) to enable one.

Chrome Options

Some of the other features of Chrome include an integrated search/address bar. Also, when you open a new tab you get a screen which allows you to perform a Google search or go to one of the sites you have visited most or chose from recent bookmarks.

New Tab Content

Chrome is fast for the most part and is simple. Great for people who don’t use the web that heavily or may be use a lot JavaScipt content where keeping the tabs as separate processes would come in handy. It is a nice and simple alternative to Internet Exploiter. Would it be something that would replace Firefox, no. For those who use Firefox would find they would be lost without a lot of the functionality they get from extensions. Oh and one more thing, it may not import your settings from Firefox, only Internet Exploiter.