Folder Pane View Switcher

May be I am one of the few people who use the Folder Pane View Switcher feature in Thunderbird.The switcher appears on top of the folder list allows you to choose via left/right arrows: All Folder, Favorite Folders, Unread Folders, Recent Folders and Unified Folders). It is going away in the upcoming (November 8th) Thunderbird 8 as it was deemed to be “heavy and ugly” (Bug 667245). You can still switch your Folder Pane View via View > Folders and then choose the option you want, but having this at the top of the folder pane is more handy.

Since I have four different IMAP accounts coming into Thunderbird, it easier just to have the Inbox for each one as a favorite folder. When I do need to view the other folders, I just switch the view to all folders. Good news is, I am not the only one who misses this feature. There is an add-on, Folder Pane View Switcher that will restore the switcher back to Thunderbird 8 (also works on Thunderbird 9 Earlybird and Thunderbird 10 Daily). For those who rather edit their userChrome.css (in lieu of installing the add-on), add these lines to your userChrome.css and restart Thunderbird:

/* Restore folderpane headers removed by Bug 667245 */
#folderPaneHeader, #abDirTreeHeader {
display: -moz-box !important;