November 2014

Road Map to Thunderbird 38

After over 2-years of essentially being on the back burner and with virtually no one in charge of the project, momentum has shifted for Thunderbird. Recently Mozilla held a summit in Toronto for the Thunderbird Contributors. From the Mozilla Thunderbird Blog: At the Summit, we made a number of key decisions: A group of seven individuals were elected to comprise a Thunderbird Council with the authority to make decisions affecting Thunderbird. I (Kent James) am currently the Chair of this council. For our next major release, Thunderbird 38 due in May 2015, we set this roadmap: Folders: allow >4GByte mbox folders,…

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Update: Provider for Google Calendar 1.0.x

Well, I discovered on Monday (November 17th) Google changed the calendar sign-in API. This now breaks the older version of the Provider for Google Calendar add-on. However, I was able to get all my calendars to work (for the most part) with Thunderbird/Lightning now. I linked/subscribed my school and US Holiday calendars to my main GMail account. The setup process is much simpler now with the newer version of Provider for Google Calendar. You no longer need to supply your calendar’s public/private XML address. Instead, you will be prompted to enter (or choose) the Gmail address associated with your calendar. The next…

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