November 2015

Something’s missing from the upcoming iPhone 7…

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There are some indications that Apple APL 26,72 0,00 % in an attempt to make the new iPhone the thinnest ever (shaving off about another 1 mm) they are removing the headphone (TRS) jack. To compensate users for this radical (and stupid) change Apple will be including a pair of EarPods which use the (proprietary) Lightning connector. You can still use TRS connector headphone and earbuds, if you purchase a Lightning adapter. Now, it is important to understand that this not yet been confirmed by Apple. Also if this does happen with the iPhone 7, it would have no effect on Bluetooth Headsets/Earbuds….

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AdBlock or Yahoo! Mail?

It appears Yahoo! YHOO 48,36 +0,10 +0,21% was trying to get users to not use AdBlock by denying them access to their email account if they were using Ad Blocking software. Yahoo’s limited experiment last week did not go very well as indicated by some of these tweets: “‘Please disable ad blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail’ — how about no,” said Twitter user @RunLikeDeer. “Do you want me to stop using Yahoo Mail?? ‘Cause this is a good start.” “So @YahooMail has blocked my inbox for using an ad locker,” tweeted @Trenti. “It was a good run, I guess….

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Thunderbird 38.4.0 Released

Mozilla has released the next update on the Thunderbird 38.x branch with Thunderbird 38.4.0 on November 25th. A cached version of the release notes shows a release date of November 23rd and currently the page is bringing up a Mozilla 404 page. For those user who have Lightning installed, the add-on should auto-update to version 4.0.4 when Thunderbird is updated. Updates in this release include: Fixed issue where messages moves of multiple messages from a maildir folder to an mbox folder failed. Various security fixes Depending on their update settings may be prompted to update in the next 24-48 hours…

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Thunderbird 38.4.0 release still ‘In Progress’

Thunderbird 38.4.0 was suppose to be released in early November. Here we are at almost the end of November and still no Thunderbird 38.4.0 release. Reviewing the Status Meeting Notes from the November 17th meeting this build is still ‘in progress’. Also been following the Build Notes for Thunderbird 38.4.0 which currently shows they are the third build (attempt) at releasing Thunderbird 38.4.0, but still running into issues. The next status meeting will be on November 30th and hopefully will provide some insight if there is going to be a 38.4.0 release or wait until mid December 2015 to release…

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Thunderbird 38.4.0 and Lightning Issues

Thunderbird 38.4.0 has not yet been released. Reviewing the notes from the status meeting on November 3rd, the release was planned for around November 5th. This delay is not unusual and likely we will be seeing the Thunderbird 38.4.0 release during this coming week. While going through the meeting notes did notice bug 1211160 which had to do with ‘some’ users who updated to Thunderbird 38.3 with Lightning 4.0.3 enabled lost use of the buttons in Thunderbird. Users reported that rolling back to Thunderbird 38.2.0 resolved the issue. Other uses reported success by disabling Lightning 4.0.3 prior to updating to the…

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Windows 10 ‘Forced’ Update and Spying

So Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 and 8.1 users are being targeted to be automatically update to Windows 10 via the Windows Update utility. While this has been happening since September and in October Microsoft called this an ‘accident’, now they are admitting that their plan is to get every Windows 7 and 8.1 PC (that can run Windows 10) on to Windows 10.  Right now the Windows 10 Update is only an optional update, but in ‘early 2016’ it will become a recommended update. For those user who have their update settings to automatically download and install recommended updates, they are going to…

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