Windows Vista

What Happen to ‘9’?

Is ‘9’ suddenly an unlucky number in the tech world? Microsoft released Windows 10 after Windows 8/8.1. Apple recently released the iPhone 8 and announced the forthcoming iPhone X. In the past couple days, has come word of Samsung announcing the successor of the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy X Folding Phone. Apple and Samsung both are skipping version ‘9’ of their flagship phones. So, what gives? Well, we have Microsoft to thank (or blame) for skipping 9. It was Microsoft that two years ago, started with releasing Windows 10. They even were the first one to represent ‘10’ with the…

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Take Ownership Registry Script

This registry script works for Windows Vista and newer and adds a ‘Take ownership’ (Administrator) option to the context (right-click) menu in Windows (File) Explorer. Very useful for removing crap Microsoft has sneaked onto your computer such as the Get Windows 10 (aka GWX) propaganda as well as Windows 10 itself. You can run this script on files and/or folders which will give the Administrator ownership privileges to be able to delete said files and/or folders. Installation is simple, download and open the zip file then run the Take Ownership – Install.reg file. You will be presented with a couple prompts accept…

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First Look At Windows 10 — Part 2

One of the first things I wanted to check out was how Mozilla had worked around Microsoft disabling the default browser API. I downloaded and installed Firefox 40 Beta on the freshly upgraded Windows 10 machine and upon first run I was asked if I wanted to make Firefox my default browser (Chrome was currently default and then I had switched it to Edge later for testing purposes). Firefox detected it was NOT the default browser Once you click the Use Firefox as my default browser button the Windows 10 Settings > System > Default Apps screen opens which is a…

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