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More Troubles for Nvidia

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It has not been a good week for Nvidia NVDA 105,64 +1,62 +1,56%. Last weekend Windows 10 users with Nvidia video cards using dual displays were having issues with Nvidia’s management software and Windows Update fighting each other claiming they had an updated driver. The Nvidia update would work, but Windows Updated detected that driver as outdated and would install a driver that didn’t work correctly with Windows 10. Now comes news they are recalling their 8-inch Shield Tablets in the US due to fears the device overheats and the battery may catch fire. Nvidia Corp said it was recalling some…

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I was checking this morning on my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Amazon Shopping App. Today is Prime Day so was seeing what they had to offer. I was presented with a pop-up notification to update what I thought was for the Amazon Shopping App. I started the update and the first red flag that came up was it wanted me to Enable Unknown Sources on my device’s security settings. Basically, this is to allow you to be able to install apps outside the Google Play Store. I was somewhat confused why I needed to do this, but went ahead and…

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Smart Phone Sales Declining

Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers such as HTC and Xiaomi are facing steep losses as consumer are not buying new phones as often. I am not so certain the new iPhones have really made a difference, but then I have general dislike of anything Apple. Their results underscore the challenges that all smartphone vendors — with the potential exception of Apple — face as consumers upgrade their smartphones less frequently and are less impressed by newer devices’ incremental improvements. Moreover, the once hot growth market of China appears to be reaching a saturation point for first-time buyers, with cooling demand there, too….

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