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El Guru

Born and raised in Southern California, relocated to Arizona in the summer (nothing like jumping right in) of 1993. In 1999, I obtained my Bachelor’s in Marketing from Arizona State University. This blog is my way of ‘marketing’ Firefox and Thunderbird. I took the plunge and installed Firefox on Christmas 2005 and have been using, testing and even crashing it ever since.

When I am not surfing the tech blogs, I spend most of my time tweaking (which includes crashing) Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird as well testing and reviewing extensions. I’ll even play with beta and released versions of other browsers such as Netscape, Opera, Chrome, Safari and yes even Internet Explorer. I can also be found over at Go Firefox! on DelphiForums (where my nickname originated) as well as the Firefox Builds and  Thunderbird Builds forums on mozillaZine. In addition, I operate a freelance web design business, AlNetSolutions.US (see in Links of Interest on my main blog page).

Gary (gareon)

Gary joined The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog in the beginning of 2010. Gary also resides in (Northern) Arizona and has been a part of Go Firefox! since 2002. He covers a wide variety of primarily non-technical Firefox/Pale Moon topics. Further, unlike myself Gary is a full-time Linux Firefox/Pale Moon user.

Gary passed away in the Summer of 2017.