Multiple Profile Disorder!

I appear to be suffering from Multiple Profile Disorder! With all the testing I do on Go Firefox! and with different versions of Firefox (1.0.7, 1.0.8, 1.5.0.*, 1.6a1, Bon Echo, etc.). I have way too many profiles and I am not even sure what some of them are and worse yet, what version of Firefox I was using them for!

So Guru, What is a “Profile”?

Simply put a ‘profile’ on Firefox is your settings or a non-technical term personality. Your profile contains all your Bookmarks (Favorites for you IE folks), Extensions (add-ons, more about these in another time), Themes (kinda similar to skins) as well as all your settings. You can learn all about profiles on the Firefox Help site which has these wonderful words of advice…

“Multiple profiles and profile management is an advanced feature, mainly intended for developers. Unless you are an extension developer or an advanced user, you should probably not be trying to use multiple profiles.”

I am not an extension developer, although I have been tempted time to time to develop an extension. I guess that makes me an advanced user! I guess this means I should do some housekeeping in my profile manager. So the moral of this story, follow the advice above or you could end up like me, suffering from Multiple Profile Disorder!

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