The Blue Frog Is In Trouble

As of this evening, Blue Frog/Security’s sites are completely inaccessible, more about this in a bit. Now allow me to back up to last night. A couple things happened that I found odd but would have had no idea they were related:

  1. When I went to last night it took me to the their blogs site (
  2. Earlier in the evening I was experimenting with Live Journal when that site started becoming very sluggish and some points inaccessible.

I was thinking the troubles with Live Journal seemed all too similar to those at Blue Frog/Security, but these could not possibly be related…could they? The answer came tonight while searching the web for more news on Blue Security. I came across an article posted on the Q Daily News: The dishonor of Blue Security.

Now, back to item #1, the redirect to the blogs site…The Blue Security blog site is TypePad which is hosted by Six Apart, the same people who host Live Journal (item #2). Seeing the connection between what was thought to be two unrelated events? Now, the question is why would Blue Security do this? Simple, redirect the domain away from their server, which at that time was being bogged down by DoS attacks. So then the DoS attacks were hitting Six Apart’s severs which is what caused Live Journal to go down last night. The Q Daily News author came up with an excellent analogy for what Blue Security did:

“You dealing with a water main break in your basement by hooking a big hose up to the leaking joint and redirecting the water into your neighbor’s basement instead.” Link

It appears Blue Security is still trying to redirect their domain on to Six Apart’s servers however Six Apart has found a way to block the redirect which is why users are now getting an “Unable to connect” (Page Can Not Be Displayed for you Folks using IE) error message instead of “Connection Timed Out”

Now you may be asking, “Oh humble Guru are you going to keep the Blue Frog or send it to that big blue lillypad in the sky?” To be honest I really don’t know, I’ll have to do more reading.