I’m The Blue Security Spammer

A fellow member on Go Firefox! posted me a link to this article from Wired News today. An anonymous spammer wrote into Wired News claiming to be “one of the spammers behind (the) Blue Security scandal”. There is one paragraph of the article that stands out and shows the effect that the Blue Frog is having on their business.

“The point of it is to get Blue Frog software to stop turning its subscribers’ computers into zombies that attack our servers,” the spammer wrote. “If you want to be removed from our mailing list, please opt out first.”

If only it were that simple! Many users who have ‘opt-out’ via the links (if there is one) in these messages find they suddenly get more Spam, are directed to a non-working or bogus site and worse yet, have to jump through hops just to get their e-mail address removed. Here’s a better idea Mister Russian Spammer, stop sending the e-mails to begin with, we never wanted to get them in the first place! Oh wait, that would put you out of business!

The comment on this article by kamikazi150, that is well worth taking the time to read. It may be a little long but this person is very through and to the point.