The Year of the Suns ~ Part 2

The last couple nights have been ‘do-or-die’ for three of the match-ups in the NBA Conference Semi-Finals. Last night, the Detroit Pistons knocked out the Cleveland Cavilers to advance to the Conference Finals. This series with the Miami Heat will begin Tuesday in Detroit.

Meanwhile on the Western Conference there are two big games tonight, San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks as well as the Los Angeles Clippers and our Phoenix Suns. Now recall last year the Suns made it to the conference finals after defeating the Mavericks in six games only to be stopped by the Spurs in five games. I had said prior if we can get past the Clippers, which I really thought was going to a lot easier than it has turned out to be, ideally we would like to matched up with the Mavericks. But since San Antonio is #1 and made a come-back starting in game 5 it looks as if we would have to play the Spurs in the conference finals.

In what could be described as an upset, the Mavericks manage to pull out a win 119 to 111 in overtime. The Spurs are out and the Mavericks move on to play against the winner of tonight’s Suns & Clippers game. So far the Suns have managed to hold on to a 4-6 point lead throughout the first quarter, but the key is going to be holding on to that lead for the rest of the game.