The Year of the Suns ~ Part 3

What one word could describe The Suns this year? How about ‘drama’! They pulled off a win on Monday against The Clippers in Game 7. Tonight, they lead the game…until the 3rd quarter then things started falling apart. Missed shot (especially 3-pointers) after shot by the Suns but the Mavericks kept scoring and took the lead. At one point the Mavericks had a 9 point lead. With minutes left the ‘drama’ unfolded… a couple 3-pointers including one from Nash, the Suns took the lead only to lose it again with 4.8 seconds remaining. At the last second, or more like 1/2 second Boris Diaw, scores the winning basket to give the Suns a 119 to 118 lead. But wait there’s more! As if the Mavericks weren’t already shocked that they had lost the game they managed to foul Thomas who tacked on 2 more points with free-throws. Final score 121 to 118. Sun’s lead the Western Conference Finals 1-0.

The drama doesn’t end here though, Raja Bell strained his left calf late in the 4th and was out for the rest of the game. Unknown if he will be back on Friday. Shawn Marion may have injured his left ankle also in the 4th quarter. But he plans on playing on Friday. Assistant Coach Marc Iavaroni, discovered being on the sidelines doesn’t mean you are safe. While trying to save a loose ball in the 3rd quarter, Leandro Barbosa ended up sending the ball into Marc Iavaroni face. Iavaroni shook it off an appeared to be unhurt.

The drama continues on Friday with Game 2 in Dallas. Even if Bell is unable to play, The Suns have demonstrated they can play and still win without him. There are plenty of other players on the team that can fill in and keep the team in gear. Unlike last year with San Antonio, they are not dependent on a couple key players to win a game.

Meanwhile in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Miami Heat currently lead the series against the Detroit Pistons. Game 2 is on Thursday. Early prediction for the finals, but why not The Suns & The Heat?