Bon Echo Alpha 3 Milestone

From mozillaZine, Saturday, May 27th, 2006:

“Yesterday, Bon Echo Alpha 3 was released as scheduled. This latest milestone of the code that will eventually become Mozilla Firefox 2.0 adds new anti-phishing features and includes support for client-side session and persistent storage as specified by the WHATWG. Furthermore, when using Google or Yahoo! in the Search bar, users are presented with their previous searches in addition to search suggestions.

The Mozilla Developer News weblog has an announcement about the release of Bon Echo Alpha 3, which includes download links for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The Bon Echo Alpha 3 Release Notes also have more information.

The Bon Echo Planning Center has details about future plans, including the Firefox 2 milestone schedule, which has the first feature-complete beta set for release in June.”

It appears the anti-phishing feature is going to be part of the Goggle Toolbar. Below is a sample of the warning message you will get if you navigate upon a fake site.

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