A Look Back @ Dell’s Homepage ~ Circa 1996

CyberNet News take a look at Dell’s Homepage from 1996. I do love the author’s closing thoughts,

Looking back really makes you appreciate the 3GHz machines that we can buy now at the 233MHz prices from back then!

The price/technology difference is incredible. I remember back in 1994 I upgraded my then desktop (the thing literally was the size of a small desk) computer from 1 to 2 MB of video RAM and 4 MB to 8 MB main RAM. The video upgrade wasn’t too bad about $25, but the main RAM for those 4 MB cost me $256!!! All this so I could play Sim City 3000 which was about another $50. So, you ask how much RAM can you get today for $256? Doing some quick research I could get 2 GB for around the same price today.

Oh, one final thought in regards to this comment,

However, they don’t seem any faster because the applications are more resource intensive.

I had always thought those older computers were faster. Of course back then Microsquish didn’t have an operating environment that ate up half of your computer’s resources!