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September 7, 2006

Update: New Blog Home

For those who came here when I first announced the move, you may have notice several different theme changes. Yes, I’ve been experimenting and have been changing themes quite frequently. Been trying to find a theme that works well in design, content display as well as sidebar display. I decided the two column side bars were a bit much and found a nice simple theme. I also removed the archives widget from the sidebar as the past posts can be accessed via the calendar on the top right. This should (unless something new and exciting comes out) should be the…

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My Way not going my way

Last week I tried out My Way and while at first was impressed, it is just not working very well. Especially the My Way Mail which claims I have messages yet they are no where to be found. It almost seems as if I don’t go to my In Box within a certain amount of time, my e-mails disappear. I am keeping it active for now and see if this improves or if these ‘phantom’ e-mails suddenly show-up. But I have ended up switching most of my e-mail subscriptions back over to Yahoo.

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Firefox Memory Issues

A recent article, Firefox Analyzed: 611 Defects and 71 Vulnerabilities Found posted on CyberNet Tech News today exposes the ‘memory issues’ plaguing Firefox 1.5.0.X. One important things to keep in mind is many of these ‘issues’ have been fixed in the upcoming Firefox 2.0 release. While I am not on the final build yet for Firefox 2.0 AND I am using extensions that were designed for 1.5.0.X builds, I still have noticed a big drop in memory usage. Well, that was after I stopped trying to use Yahoo Mail Beta (see this article on CyberNet Tech News if you want…

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