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September 8, 2006

Firefox Delayed

Firefox, the next release in the Firefox 1.5 build series has been delayed from the prior release date of September 7th to September 12th. Thunderbird (reminder folks there is not a build (just as there were not or builds) of T-Bird) is due out on September 14th. For the latest information on the upcoming releases check out the Firefox: For more detailed info about the bugs fixed in this release see this article on CyberNet News. UPDATE: Firefox was released on 09/14/06! See this entry for more details. Updated: 09/14/06

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Murphy’s Law & Windows Demonstrations

As Murphy’s Law goes, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This is especially true when you are trying to do a live product demonstration. From my friends over at CyberNet Tech News: Windows Demonstrations That Have Gone Wrong features four You Tube videos including: The infamous Windows Vista Speech ‘Wreck-ognition’ Why Windows 98 wasn’t release ‘Yet’ Bill Gates on Conan Plus a bonus video of MacWorld Bloopers One word of caution, DO NOT attempt to drink and watch these videos at the same time!!!

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Window Snyder hired by MozCorp

Another former Microsoft executive has moved on. From Todd Bishop’s Blog on the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has hired a former Microsoft security strategist, Window Snyder. This news comes just days after it was announced Microsoft’s Brian Valentine, senior vice president in charge of Windows development, is leaving to join Amazon.com.

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