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September 10, 2006

Nightly Tester Tools

I’ve recently read in blog entry (taking a step backward) about folks who love the new functionality of Firefox 2.0b1/2, but who can’t live without their favorite extensions from 1.5.0.X which are not yet compatible in Firefox 2.0b1/2. Simple solution is the Nightly Tester Tool extension. This extension once installed will allow you to ‘make compatible’ most extensions that currently do not work in (or were never designed for) a newer version of Firefox (also works for Thunderbird). Now, a word of caution…while MOST extensions seem to work fine when forced to work with Firefox 2.0b2, some may not. I…

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Firefox 2.0 Tweaks

I mentioned in my Using Firefox 2.0b2 As Default Browser post, CyberNet Tech News has a great article on Firefox 2.0 Tweaks. Although Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 is in the title, all tweaks apply to the current release of Firefox 2.0. The article shows demonstrations of the new Inline Spellcheck (no more SpellBound) and Undo Close Tabs* features. Tweaks are done by editing Firefox’s about:config and include: Session Restore Crash Recovery or restore the browser from when you closed Note: This feature became available in the ‘Options…’ (via Tools Menu) with the release of Beta 2 How to disable or…

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