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September 12, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Theme Update Continues

Yesterday I mentioned the Firefox 2.0 default theme had been changed. Well, they decided to change it again today with tonight’s build. For a quick comparison of what is different today versus yesterday take a look at the article over on CyberNet Tech News. A couple comments: I am glad they did away with the blue folders in the bookmarks menu, those were just too much. It looked like a child designed the icon (or at least the same group who did the icons for DelphiForums). Many folks don’t like the new ‘house’ icon for the home page. From what…

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Adobe Acrobat vs Foxit Reader

[digg=http://digg.com/software/Adobe_Acrobat_vs_FoxIt_Reader] Adobe Acrobat Reader is a powerful but space and resource hogging application which few users are going to utilize to its fullest potential. But there is an alternative and even better it is free! Foxit Reader 2.0 works just as well as Adobe Acrobat but doesn’t have the ton of plugins to load which on older and slower systems could prove fatal. CyberNet Tech News has done a nice review of the new Foxit 2.0 Reader. In case you are wondering, this program works beautifully with Firefox and even more so when paired with the PDF Download Extension (which…

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