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September 22, 2006

Slim Extension List

The other day I was looking through my Add-Ons (extensions for those folks using Firefox 1.5.0.X) seeing what I was still using with Firefox 2. I came across the Slim Extension List, which does two things. First, being you can not resize the add-ons (extensions) window, this extension reduces the size of the extension entries so you can fit more in the window with less scrolling. Further it will arrange your extensions in alphabetical order, not the default order which is by when they were installed. But then I wondered wasn’t this ‘fixed’ with the redesign of the add-ons UI?…

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Disable Backspace Navigation

Has this ever happened to you? You are typing along in a text-box and notice an error. But for whatever reason Firefox no longer has emphasis on the text-box and when you hit the backspace key you end up navigating backwards (much like Internet Exploiter). The Disable Backspace Navigation extension fixed this by disabling the backspace key from navigation. Some background on this issue/bug, it has been an on going issue that the folks at Bugzilla said could be fixed with a simple about:config entry change. I tried this ‘fix’ and it did not work so I installed the extension….

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