Thunderbird 2.0pb1 & Buttons! Update

Earlier today a comment left on my Thunderbird 2.0 Pre-Beta 1 entry asking if the developer’s site had an update for the Buttons! Extension. I stared at that comment for a moment and though how stupid of me not to check the developers site! I have some good news and bad news about this. The good news is the developer has put out an update back in August. The bad news trying to locate this information was a major pain in the rear. Here is the process I took to locate this update

  1. Searched for ‘Buttons!’ on Thunderbird Update.
    First mistake was using ‘!’ in the search criteria as Thunderbird Update ignores the search and lists all extensions.
    Second was not doing an advanced search first so I could change the order from ‘newest’ to ‘name’.
  2. Located the extension and noticed the page says it is compatible with up to Thunderbird 3.0 ALL. Okay, technically it is compatible but doesn’t work as desired.
  3. At the very bottom of ever extension page there is a link to the developers/authors site.
  4. Followed that link and didn’t see anything on their page indicating anything new, but there was a link to the ‘Thunderbird Extensions: Buttons! 0.5.2 forum on mozillaZine.
  5. The thread dates back to 2004 and is 30 pages long! I just skipped over to page 30 and worked my way up from the bottom.
  6. From a post on Aug Thu 24th 2006 9:09pm, I found a link to a newer version.
  7. Installed the extension and restarted Thunderbird…success!

This is the link to the latest version, click and drag the link into Thunderbird’s Add-Ons Manager to install.  Once you restart Thunderbird, right click on the toolbar and select ‘Customize…’ This version also includes some redesigned buttons with new names. The buttons are now called ‘Next!’ and ‘Previous!’.