Is Google Secure?

I get a lot of flack from folks when I tell them I use Yahoo’s web ‘features’ (mail, calendar, maps, etc) instead of Google. Frankly, I don’t trust Google there are just too many ‘incidents’ involving Google and security. There has been a couple “leaks” about their GDrive code named Platypus online data-storage client.

On Wednesday, Techcrunch posted this eye-opening article: Google: Security Mishaps and User Trust. Google pushing their “office strategy” is wanting businesses and individuals to use Google servers to store their documents.

“The fact that unauthorized document access is a simple password guess or government “request” away already works against them. But the steady stream of minor security incidents we’ve seen (many very recently) can also hurt Google in the long run. Running applications for businesses is serious stuff, and Google needs to be diligent about security.”

Another reason why I moved The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog off of Blogger was because I made the mistake (they made it sound so good) of switching to Blogger Beta. In order to do so, I had to create a Google account. The article even mentions a little mishap involving a Google employee, Blogger and the official Google Blog. There are also several other “security incidents” listed dating back to June 2004 up to a couple this month.