Six Months Ago…

Here we are, the 1st of November. Yikes, where has the year gone!? I just realized six months ago today was my first post, (then at the old Blogger site) A Blog is Born! Never thought this Blog would take off, of course never really knew how well it was doing (or not doing) until early September when I moved to the New Blog Home.

The comments, links and ping backs have been pouring in, especially in regards to the Firefox Tweaks. Even more impressive are the number of visits, especially during last week, when Firefox 2 was released. I started the week at around 240 visits and it spiked fast topping out at 1811 visit on October 26th. That is a 750% increase in blog traffic which is quite impressive!

From time to time I make minor tweaks to the layout and the widgets. Recently I added a new widget showing the current top 10 most viewed posts. Kind of interesting to see how the most viewed post changes from day to day. For the longest time the most viewed post was Adobe Acrobat vs Foxit Reader, then when Firefox 2 came out Firefox 2.0: How To Remove ‘Go’ Button took over the lead and held on for several days. On October 31st, the day before Microsoft planned to force-feed IE7 to unsuspecting Windows users via the auto-updates, How to Block IE7 Auto-Update jump into the top spot. Today I noticed Firefox 2.0 Themes was the most read post.

So, what to expect in the six months? I am hoping Thunderbird 2 will be released by year’s end, although I don’t think this will be as big of deal as was Firefox 2 (especially given the timing with IE7). But still, Thunderbird 2 is going to be nice upgrade with some much needed new features. Also, look for more posts in the coming months about Firefox 3 aka Gran Paradiso. However, don’t expect to see much going on with Firefox 3 until after the Firefox and builds are released later this month or next month.