Windows Vista Updates

Allrightythen, now that both Firefox & Thunderbird have been released there is not much Mozilla news right now. However, there is lots of Microsoft news, including some regarding Windows Vista:

  • On November 8th, Microsoft announced Windows Vista is completed and will be released January 30, 2007.
  • Todd Bishop (Seattle Post Intelligencer) did some checking in the Seattle area and discovered there are some PC retailers are getting orders for Windows Vista Systems, but still not much demand at this time.
  • What Vista Sounds Like (Compared to Windows XP) QuickTime Video
    Actually, they sound very similar. Vista sounds however seem to be more mellow and softer (so soft I couldn’t even hear some of them).
  • Microsoft’s stock closed above $29 ($29.26) on Thursday, November 9th, first time in nearly 2 years.
    If you click on the chart in the above link it will give a detailed break down of the stock price (opening, low/high, closing) over the past 2 years. The high point (closing price) in the last couple years was $29.98 on November 11, 2004.