A couple new features…

I’ve added a couple new features to the right side bar:

  • Posts of Interest: These are posts which are great reference guides and contain a wealth of Firefox information. Currently there are only two posts included: Firefox 2.0 Tweaks Guide and Fx Year In Review. More should be added in the future. Note: If there is a post you feel should be included let me know, it is easy for me to overlook some posts.
  • Latest From The Guru: Lists the last 5 posts in order as they appear in the blog (not necessarily as they were published). On rare occasions in order to give a particular post that day top priority, I will publish later posts with an earlier time stamp. Also there are times I have server issues with WordPress and sometimes a post does not appear for a few hours and some new posts may have already been added. Look here to make sure you haven’t missed any posts.