Alt Predictions 2007

Not your ordinary or boring predictions, Wired News columnist Lore Sjöberg goes out on a limb. Predictions include New RIAA Lawsuits, Nintendo Wii & Aliens, images from Mars, Nokia’s newest ‘do everything’ (sort of) cellphone, and more…including my personal favorite prediction, this one about Google:

“After another round of acquisitions, including MySpace, Flickr, Yelp and Barry’s Totally Awesome Whitesnake Tribute Page, Google runs out of websites to buy. It decides accordingly to acquire itself for an unprecedented $10.4 billion in stock. “Google is the leader in search and a strong competitor in several other online venues,” says a Google spokesman. “It’s only natural that Google would want to partner with such an internet powerhouse. That’s why we’re proud to announce Google Google, which will be in beta for the next 15 years.”

Check them all (sadly nothing about Firefox though) out here at Wired News: Alt Predictions for 2007