The Blog Year In Review: July 2006

July 2006, was a bit of a slow month here on The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog with a handful of posts. But it is quality not quantity that counts. Topics ranged from Microsoft’s big announcement for Windows users an interview with Blake Ross to the first beta of Firefox 2 as well as Firefox release.

  • With the upcoming release of IE7 Microsoft announced that not only would IE7 not support Win98/98 SE/Me and XP w/ SP1 but they would be discontinuing support/updates of these older versions later in the year. In some ways this was a good thing for Firefox since Firefox 2 would support these older versions.


  • The Seattle Post Intelligencer (Todd Bishop) interviewed Firefox co-founder Blake Ross at Gnomedex. This was one of my favorite and also research intensive posts. Topics ranged from Firefox 2 to IE7 as well Microsoft essentially abandoning IE.
  • Firefox 2 Beta 1 was released mid way through July. This release added Undo Closed Tab, Inline Spell checking features along with improvements to the anti-phishing protection. The “you either love it or hate it” tab-overflow was also added in this release.

  • Once again the final release of Firefox 2 gets pushed back (this time to the end of September). This post included a link to the “Historical” release schedule.
  • Towards the end of July, Firefox & Thunderbird were released. Ah yes Firefox, a simple update with security fixes and changes to Frisian locale (fy-NL). However it created a new and bigger problem as we would learn in a matter of a couple of days.

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