The Blog Year In Review: May 2006

May 2006, was the beginning of The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog! It was also a big month for Firefox 2 as well as the death of Blue Frog Anti-Spam.

  • The inaugural blog post from when we were on Blogger: A Blog is Born! Yikes, those last eight months have gone by fast!
  • Mozilla’s Mike Schroepfer, justifies the removal of the Places feature from the then future Firefox 2 (as well keeping the Firefox 2 numbering) in my commentary on this interview Excellent Move Mr. Schroepfer! This was also the first Firefox 2 post!
  • Then there was Blue Frog, what was going to be a simple extension review turned into a major headache when the service was hijacked by spammers. Two weeks later that was the end of Blue Frog and the last time I check an extension for someone. Okay, well may not the last time, but after that mess it would be a while before I did that again.
  • Firefox was released in the early part of the month, a major security update to fix vulnerabilities which caused Denial of Service attacks.

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  • I took a break from the usual Firefox posts to write about The Phoenix Suns in the NBA playoffs. The Year of The Suns was a three part series which followed the Suns as they made it through the playoffs but not to the finals. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
  • Meanwhile in mid May, Firefox 2 Alpha 2 was released. A New Milestone for FF 2.0 not only announced the milestone but included a comprehensive review of the new features.

  • Firefox updates are a touchy area for some folks. On one hand, it is good that Mozilla provides frequent updates to Firefox, but on the other hand, some folks found these updates ill-timed or intrusive. In Keeping Your Firefox Updated I explained how you can take control of when and how your Firefox updates.

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