XP Support Continues

Just because Windows Vista is being released today does not mean Mozilla is going to stop supporting Windows XP after the upcoming Firefox 3 release later this year. The only reason Mozilla ended support for Windows 95/98/Me with the upcoming Firefox 3 release was because Microsoft discontinued support for these obsolete operating systems. Mozilla’s plans are as long as Microsoft continues to support Windows XP, they will continue to support XP with future Firefox releases.

So now million dollar question: When does Microsoft plan to discontinue Windows XP support? The answer depends on if you were using XP Home or XP Pro Edition. Microsoft is providing support for XP Pro until April 2014 while XP Home was only going to be supported until April 2011. However Microsoft announced last week they would extend the support for XP Home Edition to April 2014, matching that of XP Pro Edition.

While it is great that Windows XP Home Edition will be supported for another 7 years, I doubt in 7 years I will still be using XP Home. By that time I am sure I will have new system which will be running Vista and/or I will have switched to Linux.

News Source: CyberNet News


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