Fx & Status

At the time of this post, the Mozilla Weekly Update Meeting is still in progress. But there is some news (good and bad) I wanted to write about now for these future Fx releases. The bad new is there are still two bugs the developers are trying to get patched for this release:

  • Arbitrary code execution by using javascript: url with <img> tag.
  • menupopup.showPopup() can be abused
  • The good news is all the Vista bugs, including Yahoo! IM and default browser (thanks to Robert Strong) are patched and ready to go. Even better the fix for the Firefox Password Manager Vulnerability is done and ready to go as well! So, if all goes well Fx RC1 could be available tomorrow.

    I’ll be checking in again later today to if there is any other noteworthy news from the meeting, I’ll post an updated if needed.