Not so much new features with Fx 3.0a2

With the release of Firefox 3.0a2/Gecko 1.9a2 earlier this week, there has been a common question, “So what new features come with this milestone? ” The short answer: not much. The long answer is best summed up by Percy from Mozilla Links:

“The Mozilla project has released the second alpha of Gran Paradiso. Like Alpha 1 it is not much about Firefox but a testing vehicle for a large number of changes to the underlying Gecko rendering engine.

Some important changes have occurred that affect the rendering of partially downloaded content (XML and web pages as well) and the calculation of particular dimensions and positions of web pages elements. Enhanced support for Mac widgets and the new Cairo rendering engine is included as well.”

One feature you still will not find in the latest Firefox 3 milestone is Places. So far I have not heard anything official as to when we should expect to see Places, but it is suppose to be part of Firefox 3. Of course the same was said with Firefox 2, so we shall wait and see what happens.

News Source: Mozilla Links