Can Google Hear Me?

I came across this amazing story earlier today on CyberNet. Aaron Stanton has this novel idea (which he has not disclosed to us the reader, yet) which he is sure Google is going to love. Since 2003 he has thought about flying out to Mountain View, California to the Googleplex to present the idea. He has come close many times, but has always backed out at the last second. Finally this past Sunday, February 11th he made the trip to California. He brought along his video camera, laptop and the presentation for his idea in multiple formats (Mac, Windows, and Linux on CD, flash drive, his laptop, and even uploaded to the Internet).

Monday, February 12th is the big day! He arrives at the Googleplex and discovers (not that he is surprised) you can’t just walk in off the street and expect someone to see you. Nope, you need to pitch your idea to Google via their web form and hope a human sees it. He’s a bit shocked to see Google’s form barley asks for any information about you and your idea. Especially when you consider Jack ‘n The Box’s form asks for more personal information and that is just to tell them how you liked their hamburgers! So he submits the form with a link to his presentation. Much later that night he gets an e-mail from Google with the heading, “We can hear you :)”

Aaron has created the site to keep everyone informed and update on his journey. An online diary of sorts containing several entries each day, some of which are Google videos plus some pictures including this impressive one below. These stacks of paper (technical manuals) represent how much fan/support e-mail he received over an eight-hour period on February 15th/16th. Each sheet of paper represents ONE printed e-mail.

Follow Aaron’s Journey and drop him an e-mail by visiting About those e-mails…when he returns home he is going down to Kinkos and have them printed and bound in a book that he can keep on his shelf. As he put it,

“If nothing else, its thickness will be my measure of success.”