Fx Add-ons Overhaul Pt 4

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It has now been a week since the Add-Ons Manager Overhaul (AMO) was suppose to be live. The latest news from the Mozilla Webdev Blog is AMO Deployment This Week. The AMO both with the multiple locals as well as the amount of traffic has brought multiple challenges as well as set backs for the final launch:

Scalability of our new site has been a unique challenge for us. We are trying to tackle localization for a large number of locales for both static and dynamic data, which is something not many sites do — and especially not many sites with our volume of traffic.

Our latest setback has been a database bottleneck for retrieving localized add-on data from our translations table. We are working through this and testing has shown improvements so far.

The delays, while frustrating (especially to us!), were made in the best interests of our community. We want them to have a snappy and reliable site. We want a snappy and reliable site so we can get our own add-ons, too. 🙂

While I am glad the developers are taking the extra time to ensure the site new site is going to work smoothly, there is still the issue of transition which no one seems to have addressed. What is going to happen once the AMO is deployed and users try to access the old site? I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens once this is deployed.

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