Review: Foxy Tunes

There are some extensions that I simply wonder how did I ever get along with out them? FoxyTunes is one of those extensions and by far the most used. Since I am always using WinAmp to listen to my music anytime I am using the computer (not just surfing the web), FoxyTunes makes things so much simpler. With FoxyTunes, you can control (right from the Firefox browser) virtually any music/media player including:

  • WinAmp
  • Real Player
  • iTunes
  • Windows Media Players
  • Yahoo!Music Engine
  • and many more (see the extension page for a complete listing)

Once installed and configured, FoxyTunes adds all the player controls on to the status bar (see picture below) or any toolbar. No more having to toggle away from Firefox to control your media player.

Click Image For Larger View

From left to right, Artist Name & Song Title, FoxyTunes Main Menu, Previous Track, Play, Pause, Stop, Next Track, on hover on note button () displays: Artist Name, Song Title, track elapsed time & total track time, Play File, Show Player, Hide Player and Mute. Not shown: Volume Control.

When you click the search () button to left of the Artist Name & Song Title you get a search menu which will allow you to search (in a new tab) various sites for the artist, album and song. For example searching for artist you can choose Wikipedia, All Music Guide, Amazon, YouTube, eBay and more.

Foxy Tunes is around 516 KB and works with the following applications:

  • Firefox 1.5.0.-2.0.0.X
  • Mozilla 1.6-1.8
  • SeaMonkey 1.0
  • Thunderbird 1.5-3.0a1