TB2 New Mail Notifier Now Clickable

Reclaim Your Inbox!Not really sure when this feature became live, but I just recently discovered the New Mail Notifier (slider) in TB 2.0 is now clickable. I discovered this by accident the other night when I got an e-mail while I was in Fx. Since I have Outhouse (Outlook) at work, out of habit I clicked on the slider when a message came in I wanted to view right away. Much to my surprise, doing this not only brought up TB but took me right to the message.

I also realized, TB new mail notifier slider also works (has for a long time, just never paid attention) for messages that are filtered into a sub-folder within the Inbox. Outlook can’t do that! If the message does not end up in the Inbox, it won’t come up on its slider and I won’t get the little envelope in the taskbar. Actually I have mixed feelings about this as one of the filters I have setup on my work e-mail is to have any message regarding shift trades to go into its own folder. I do this to keep those messages from cluttering up my Inbox. In this instance it is good those messages don’t get picked up by Outlook’s new mail notifier as there are days there will be 20-30 of these messages.