Yahoo Maps & Fx Nightlies

While reading Wladimir Palant’s (Adblock Plus author) blog about the improvements in ad blocking with the future Firefox build, I came across this interesting piece of information about Yahoo Maps & Fx Nightlies:

Finally, Yahoo Maps uses browser sniffing that causes it to behave strangely in Firefox nightlies. To “fix” go to about:config, find the preference general.useragent.extra.firefox and replace “BonEcho” by “Firefox”.

So what exactly does “behave strangely in Firefox nightlies” mean? Take a look at these screen shots below (opens a new tab) with general.useragent.extra.firefox set to:

I had stopped using Yahoo! Maps because it did “behave strangely in Firefox nightlies” not to mention it had nasty habit of crashing Firefox. Instead I have been using Google Maps. Also by making this change in About:Config should also help with other sites which support Firefox, but use browser sniffing and warn you are not using a supported browser.

News Source: Adblock Plus and (a little) more

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