Go Firefox! Removed From Blogroll

Over the past months I have received several complaints about the link to Go Firefox! in the Blogroll.  These complaints stem from Prospero’s (provider for Delphi Forums) advertisement policy. Simply put whenever an unregistered/non-paying (Delphi Forums) user visits a link to a forum such as Go Firefox! they are immediately presented with a full screen ad before they are allowed to proceed into the forum. I have also heard reports (unconfirmed) these ads leave adware/spyware and/or tracking cookies on visitors computers. Also Prospero makes it (I am sure intentionally) unclear that there is an option to “Skip This Advertisement“, usually located at the top of the ad.

This was a tough decision to make as Go Firefox provides a lot of information and is a great place (much better than the mozillaZine forums) for Firefox users to seek assistance. However, I do have to agree with these complaints regarding Prospero and the ads. Since there is no way to place a warning on this link, it has been removed. If you still wish to visit Go Firefox!, understanding you will be presented with an ad if you are not a registered or paying user, COPY and PASTE the link below: