Mounting ‘Data’ Drive & Other Ubuntu Stuff

On the Places/Bookmarks now on Fx 3 Alpha 5 post, ‘cd‘ had asked how I was able to finally get my ‘Data’ Drive (now drives as I seemed to have split it into two partitions) mounted. Thanks to spock1982 on the CyberNet Forum I found out that I needed to install the NTFS Configuration Tool. This was a rather simple process, well a lot simpler then reconfiguring the x-server (so I could get the 1440×900 screen resolution) which I screwed up the first time. Luckily I had made a backup and was able to restore my original xorg.conf via the Linux terminal.

Now, back to getting the NTFS (Windows Partition) drives mounted on boot-up.
Note: these directions apply to Ubuntu 7.04 ( Feisty Fawn):

  • Applications -> Add/Remove -> search for ‘NTFS’, you should find NTFS Configuration Tool, install it.
  • Applications -> System Tools -> NTFS Configuration Tool -> Enable Write Support (depending on your device internal/external)

When you run the application you will be presented with a list of mountable partitions. Simply check the boxes for the partitions you want to mount. So now when I boot up into Ubuntu I have on my desktop my WinXP Drive (C:) and my two Data Drives (E: & F:)

Okay so I have my ‘Data’ Drive(s) mounted now, I have access to all my music files. Ran into a bit of a problem when I was trying to play some music in Rhythm Box and had Fx 3.0a5pre open. Whenever I did anything in Fx the music would stop or skip (like what would happen in WinXP if you are low on resources). Once I closed Fx, it played fine. Even played fine when I was doing some stuff with at the same time. I am still trying to get that resolved.

Speaking of, I was able to open and modified an document I had created in WinXP with the Ubuntu version. Then later on I booted back into WinXP and was able to open and modify the same document using for WinXP. No conversion, no incompatibility issues, it was so great.

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