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June 24, 2007

Page Updating

I decided to make the Fx 2.0 Tweaks more easily accessible so I have created a Tweaks page. By creating it as a page, it will be right on the blog header now. No more having to search or going to the popular posts page to find the Tweaks. In order to make room for this new page on the header I combined the About Firefox and About the Guru pages into one About Fx & The Guru.

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Tip: How to Remove the Search Box

I had a very good comment/question from Sarah today about the Firefox 2.0: Removing ‘Go’ Button entry: How can I remove the Search Box in top RIGHT corner of the FF2.0.0.4 competlely. or atleast reposition it to LEFT side. I use googe tool bar and which has search box the LEFT side and I am addicted to use the searh box on the LEFT side. At the moment I have TWO serch boxes and I do not want the one on the topRIGHTside. Moving or even removing the Search Box is really easy. No about:config or userContent.css tweaking need. All…

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