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July 30, 2007

Fx Coming Tonight

Due to the recent discovery of bug 389580 (some schemes with %00 launch unexpected handlers on windows), Mozilla has opted to do an early release of Firefox for tonight. Thunderbird is set to be released later this week. Look for automatic update notification (does not apply to Linux builds) within the next 24-36 hours.

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Weekly Update 2007-07-30

Here are the details of today’s Weekly Update meeting: Fx/TBird – Due to bug 389580, Fx will be released tonight. TBird in a few days. TBird 3 – Be sure to check out Thunderbird’s Future as well as Mitchell Speaks Out about finding a new home to TBird. Fx3: New protocol handling dialog landed; critical regressions cleaned up. One alpha/m 7 blocker remains; it has a patch and is in the review cycle. Places: Working on final M7 bug. UI focus for M8 is ongoing Gecko 1.9: M7 Release still pending. Tree will remained closed until M7…

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