Fx 3a7 Released

Mozilla has released the next milestone on the Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso) Builds, Alpha 7. Mostly ‘behind the scenes’ improvements. Percy at Mozilla Links has done a nice review: Firefox 3 Alpha 7 released. Next up is m8 (could be Alpha 8 or Beta 1) and that is due in mid September. At this rate it is looking doubtful we are going to see Firefox 3 released this year.

I decided to take a look at the Mozilla FTP site to see where we were this time last year with Fx 2. Turns out at the end of August 2006, Fx 2.0b1 was released. However, Beta 2 was released on September 1st and by September 26th, Release Candidate 1 was already out. The original date I saw for m8 (which would have been Beta 2) was September 18th. Depending on how things go may be we can see Fx 3 right around Thanksgiving.

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