Troublesome Thunderbird News

On a short note, Scott McGregor, Thunderbird lead engineer, announced that on October 12 he will leave the Mozilla Corporation to pursuit other career interests. He plans, however, to continue his role as module owner for Thunderbird as a volunteer.

This not a good sign for the future development of Thunderbird when the lead engineer leaves Mozilla Corp. I am beginning to wonder if Mozilla has a death sentence for Thunderbird. First back in July there was the “announcement” but then there was some good news with the announcement of the Thunderbird Mail Corporation. Now the lead project engineer announces his departure.

Hopefully we will learn more soon. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a response from Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler for Mozilla Corp. In the meantime I would encourage folks to leave a comment on Scott’s blog: Thoughts on Thunderbird.

News Source: Mozilla Links

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