Thunderbird News Part 3?

I guess we can call this Part 3…that is if we call Scott McGregor’s announcement (Troublesome Thunderbird News) Part 1 and David Bienvenu’s announcement (More Troublesome Thunderbird News) Part 2 . As expected Michell Baker has posted a couple articles about the transition of Thunderbird to MailCo on her blog.

The first article (Thunderbird Process of Change Part 1) discusses the organizational setting of Thunderbird within Mozilla Corp since it was formed in 2003 to present and how “started to grow uncomfortable” in the later years with massive growth of the web.

The second article (Thunderbird Process of Change, Part 2) provides an in-depth look at the events and processes that have lead up to the creation of the new organizational home (aka MailCo) for Thunderbird as well as David Ascher’s involvement.

These two articles focused mostly on Thunderbird’s past and future. There is no mention in either article of the soon-to-be departures of Scott McGregor and David Bienvenu. But given the context of these articles, that does not really fall into that context.