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December 8, 2007

Blog Year in Review: April 2007

April 2007, included some big announcements from and involving Google. Google TiSP – Need an internet connection but fed up with the prices charged by the cable and telephone companies? Perhaps you are stuck paying for a satellite service with speeds only slightly faster than dial-up at three times the price. If you have a toilet that is connected to a sewer system, Google’s free TiSP Broadband internet service is for you. GMail Paper (beta) – With all the news going around about people’s GMail suddenly vanishing or discovering their accounts have been locked because they violated some obscure part…

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Blog Year in Review: March 2007

March 2007, saw big changes for The Blog as well as Addons.Mozilla.Org (AMO) plus some new (and delayed) releases. After dealing with a broken theme only in Firefox (Oh ,the humanity!) for a couple days I ended up doing a major overhaul on the blog. I reverted back to a 2-column theme and created a new custom designed header. I also took the same design and used it to re-skin the blog’s FeedBurner headline animator. Also did some housekeeping with the categories. Nearly nine months later, there hasn’t been any problems with the theme thus far. Well one minor problem…

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