Week Update 2008-01-14

Reminder: Due to the scheduled meeting time and my work schedule, I am not be able to get the meeting notes posted until the following Tuesday.

Here’s an overview of this week’s Update Meeting:

  • Fx
    • Code Freeze: Friday, January 18
    • Scheduled to release on February 5, 2008
    • This is in bug triage and bug fix verification right now.
    • Updated the release checklist

  • Fx 3.0/Gecko 1.9 Beta 3-

    • Status of Beta 3:
      • 24 P1s
      • 142 P2s
      • 185 P3s

    • Reminder: Next proposed freeze is on Jan 22.
    • Testing new features: Places [abillings], added litmus test cases for privacy/security (page info cookie handling) [tomcat]
    • Found regression in Places (bug 411989) [marcia, tomcat]
    • Filed topcrash report based on Socorro topcrash list [ss]
    • Verified fixed assertion bugs with debug Builds [tomcat]
    • Continuing to test for memory leaks. Created a test plan. Filed 29! new Leak Bugs since last week! Tracking Bug bug 402335. Created Leak Testing How-To for extension devs and others [tomcat]
    • Investigated qawanted bugs [marcia]
    • Investigated a11y bug 411920, having to do with the fact that two new constants Mozilla offers for getting Text at a given offset, would not work on Linux. Turns out to be a problem in the Gnome Accessibility Toolkit (ATK).

  • Lightning/Sunbird (Calendar Project) -No Report
  • TBird – Major Update planned for late February. Once this occurs, all work on TB 1.5.x will be concluded.
  • TBird – Release is unscheduled but will occur after Firefox, possibly in late February.
  • TBird 3

    • With the fix for A11y bug 408997, Thunderbird is now an alternative e-mail and news client on Linux for those needing accessibility aids. This was the last known blocker that made Thunderbird unusable previously.

Complete meeting notes.