Week Update 2008-02-04

Reminder: Due to the scheduled meeting time and my work schedule, I am not be able to get the meeting notes posted until the following Tuesday.

Here’s an overview of this week’s Update Meeting:

  • Fx

    • Release Schedule Updated:
      • QA Testing: Tuesday, January 29
      • Code Freeze: Friday, January 25
      • Beta Channel Release (RC4): Monday, February 4
      • Scheduled to Release: No later than Friday, February 8

  • Gecko 1.9 Beta 3 No Report
  • Firefox 3 Beta 3

    • Spent the past week polishing up beta 3
    • over 1100 bugs closed between beta 2 and beta 3 — way to go, team!
    • new “bake for a week” strategy on beta builds has been working well
    • as soon as no beta 3 blockers remain, we’ll tag for builds
    • expect to re-open the tree tonight
      • patches on bugs marked blocking-firefox3+ or blocking1.9+ can land
      • any other patches need explicit approval1.9+ to land
      • string freeze in effect: any patches that change strings need explicit approval1.9+ to land and must be marked with the “late-l10n” keyword
      • please mark any bugs that affect add-on compatibility with the “late-compat” keyword
    • will discuss schedule/process for beta 4 at the next Firefox 3/Gecko 1.9 meeting

  • Lightning/Sunbird (Calendar Project) – No Report

  • TBird Report

  • TBird
    • Rough Plan
      • Code complete: January 31
      • Build starts (no later then): February 18
      • QA/Testing starts: February 19
      • Release to beta channel: February 22
      • Final release: February 28

  • TBird 3No Report

Complete meeting notes.