Major Releases In the Next 30-Days

I stumbled upon a link to the In-progress Releases page on the MozillaWiki via David Ascher. Over the next 30 days expect to see new releases for Fx 2, Fx 3 and Thunderbird 2:

  • Firefox is scheduled for release on or around March 25th. This has already been confirmed in the last Weekly Update meeting on March 10th. I also noticed this past Friday my Fx 2 nightly builds had been bumped up to Fx Fx should be released to the Beta Channel later this week.
  • Firefox 3.0b5 is scheduled for release on or around March 27th. Um…okay, I sure wasn’t expecting to see this coming out so soon. It was a little over 10-days ago when Firefox 3 Beta 5 Announced. Now, I wonder is Beta 5 going to be the last of the Beta releases? Kinda moving fast on this release. Because of this news, I am going to hold off on Making the Switch to Fx 3.0 as my primary browser.
  • Thunderbird will not be released, until April 15th. David Ascher discusses the reasons why this Thunderbird release is being delayed in his latest blog entry: Progress Update. The main reason is it is not practical (it would be ideal though) to do a simultaneous release (Firefox and Thunderbird The security fixes include addressing exploits with JavaScript which by default is active in Firefox, but not in Thunderbird. Plus given Firefox has a much larger user base which can be affected over this exploit it was decided to go ahead with the Firefox release first. I have to agree with David’s comments concerning the decision to push back the Thunderbird release:
  • The strange thing is this: everyone on the call was unhappy about it. But I actually feel that the choice was the right one, given the circumstances.

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