May 2, 2008

Microsoft/Yahoo Poll

Vote and see the results of the The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Poll: What should Microsoft do with its Yahoo bid? The choices: Raise the offer to make a deal or bring Yahoo to the table Keep the offer as is and attempt a hostile takeover Lower the price and attempt a hostile takeover Withdraw the offer temporarily and try to revive it later Walk away from the deal entirely. News Source: Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog

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Microsoft & Yahoo: Talking…

It has been nearly a week since Microsoft’s deadline for Yahoo! to accept their merger offer has passed. There had been indications that Microsoft would simply walk away from the deal. But then on Wednesday, it was reported the Microsoft Board was meeting about the possible acquisition. Then late Thursday there was the possibly Microsoft was going to attempt a hostile take over. Today the New York Times is reporting Microsoft and Yahoo are in active merger talks. According to an anonymous source involved in the discussion: Microsoft, which had threatened to abandon its bid, has increased its offer “by…

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AMO 3.4.1 Released

The (AMO) site was updated to version 3.4.1 earlier this week. Some of the more notable updates/fixes in this AMO release include: Added back the application compatibility ranges on the add-on details pages (example: Works with: Firefox 1.5 to 3.0 pre) Due to popular demand, we’ve separated Themes from Appearance-related extensions and Dictionaries & Language Packs from “Language Support” extensions. So, there are a few more categories that appear on the left-hand side menu. Increased the default add-on list size from 10 to 20 Adding back the application compatibility ranges is a much needed fixed. I had discussed the…

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