May 11, 2008

Adventures in Safe Mode

You will notice in several places I have this disclaimer/warning: WARNING! The Firefox Extension Guru is an independent beta-tester and is not affiliated with Mozilla Corporation. While most of these tips, tricks, suggestions, etc. are relatively simple to do, there is still a risk of damaging your profile.  Therefore these are recommended for advanced Firefox users and should be attempted at your own risk! Please! Consider backing-up your profile or creating a new profile before doing any testing or experimenting. There is good reason for this as I am about to explain with my Adventure in Safe Mode today. I have spent most…

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Firefox 3.0b5 as ‘Default Browser’

Two months ago on March 11th I announced I would be Making the Switch to Fx 3.0. I did download and install Firefox 3 a couple weeks ago. However, I had not done much with it up until this weekend. Part of this was because I was having issues trying to get my bookmarks over from Firefox 2. The issue had nothing to do with the inability of Firefox 3 to import my Firefox 2 bookmarks. Rather it was I could not locate my Firefox 2 bookmarks within my profile folder. Turns out the profile folder path is a little…

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New Tweaks Section Live!

It has only been a few days since I announced Tweaks Section Redesign Coming Soon (on I am please to announce the new Tweaks section is now live.  I also have created a direct link ( to the Tweaks section. The redesign went a lot better than making the transition to Firefox 3.0b5 as my default browser (more on that later).

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