AMO 3.4.3/3.4.4 with Advanced Search

On Thursday, June 12th two new versions (3.4.3 & 3.4.4) of AMO were pushed out. As mentioned in the Releases Recap: June Week 2 post, these new versions would have improved search capabilities. I did not have a chance to take a look at the new AMO site until recently. This had kinda gotten pushed back on my to-do list because of the (then upcoming) Firefox 3 release.

The Guru and scores of other AMO users have complained about the lack of an Advanced Search feature in the new AMO 3.0.X releases. I mentioned this when I looked at the Preview back in February, when AMO 3.0 launched in March and again in April with the upcoming AMO 3.2.1 launch. Earlier this week I did have a chance to take a look at the new (and much needed) Advanced Search feature:

To access the Advanced Search feature click the ‘Advanced’ button at the bottom right of the search box (note: the arrow next to ‘Advanced’ will be pointing down). With the new Advanced Search allows you to specify many search options:

  • Application: Firefox, SeaMonkey, Sunbird or Thunderbird
  • Version: Options will be based on the Application selected
  • Type: Any, Extension, Theme, Search Engine, Dictionary, Language Pack (Application)
  • Per Page: 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100
  • Platform: ALL, Linux, MacOSX, BSD, Windows, Solaris
  • Sort By: Keyword Match, Newest, Name, Rating, Popularity
  • Last Updated: Any time, Past Day, Past week, Past month, Past 3 months, Past 6 months, Past year

This is a huge and long awaited improvement to the AMO site. Heck, just being able to do a search by application version is an extremely handy and time saving improvement. Kudos to the AMO team for all their hard work into this new version of AMO.

News Source: CyberNet News